Sheriff’s Department

David J. Zeis – is the current Cavalier County Sheriff.

Cavalier County Emergency Operating Center is located in the Sheriff’s Department at the Cavalier County Courthouse.

All 911 emergency calls are dispatched from there to the appropriate emergency services, including Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Fire & Search and Rescue.

For Emergencies dial 911 and all other calls please dial 256-2555.
To contact the Emergency Manager please call 256-3911


Dave Zeis Sheriff
Greg Fetsch Chief Deputy
Paul Podhradsky Sargeant
Kevin Finnson Deputy
Gabe Johnston Deputy
Shane Gallagher Deputy
Bruce Wirth Part-time Deputy
Todd Hardy Part-time Deputy
Darrel Kempert Special Deputy
Kent Mikkelsen Special Deputy
Samantha Kruk Special Deputy
Jody Girodot Office Deputy
Kelly Schwartz 911/Corrections
Kari Boesl 911/Corrections
Randy Balsdon 911/Corrections
Jaci Oakland 911/Corrections
Mike Kubal 911/Corrections

K-9 Unit

Milo K-9 Unit Serves under Sergent Paul Podhradsky